120 Degrees.

Harsh Surfaces.

90 Days.

Still Working.

Introducing the longest lasting protection under the sun.

Be Tougher Than The Toughest Conditions.

Scion™ insecticide with UVX™ Technology delivers immediate and lasting control in extreme conditions, intense sunlight and much more.

Our formulation technology is engineered to provide immediate results and a continuous residual, decreasing customer callbacks when they’re at their peak and you’re at your busiest.

Be Tougher Than the Toughest Conditions

The great outdoors can be a tough place, but Scion insecticide with UVX technology is tougher. With UVX technology, Scion insecticide stands up against even the most extreme conditions, including high temperatures, intense sunlight and harsh surfaces. Our formulation is engineered to meet and exceed industry demands, providing immediate control and a continuous residual for true 90-plus day performance.

METHOD: Treated cement dishes aged in simulated natural sunlight at 122°F. Ten minute exposures of Argentine ants to treated dishes. Held in a clean environment to monitor mortality through 48 hours.
*Simulated number of days treated cement was exposed to constant sunlight converted from the number of days treated cement was held in heated UV-aging machine; 1 day in aging machine is equivalent to 4 real days of constant sunlight.

A new standard for staying power

Immediate Control + Continuous Residual

  • Readily available active ingredient for immediate control.
  • Defined active ingredient release for a continuous residual.
  • Durable, even under intense sunlight and on harsh surfaces.
  • More efficient active ingredient for a lower use rate.

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